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SEO Copy and Article Writing Services from Write About Property

We provide SEO copywriting services to some of the biggest names in the property industry, many of whom also make use of our press release and article writing services. SEO copywriting is writing the SEO content (covered below) for web-pages, and some people also class it as writing articles as part of SEO efforts.

In a recent article on the company blog we detailed how SEO copywriting services are crucial to any good organic SEO campaign. This is because hiring the services of a good web copywriter to write optimised meta descriptions and content for the pages of your site will give you a far better chance of gaining good positions in the search engines.

Article Writing Services

Writing articles is a vital part of SEO; for two reasons:
  1. Adding regular fresh original content to your own site is a vital part of SEO, because it shows the search engines that your site is growing and current. Sites that stop adding new content are quickly sent to the back of the queue
  2. Writing articles for external sites and blogs as a guest is an excellent way to build links, a: because the links are on keyword anchors, and b: because they are natural links which are given more weight by the search engines
We write high quality articles, that promote your site as a source of quality information, and gain yet more natural back-links. Use the links above to get in contact with us today.

SEO Content: What is It?

As far as we are concerned, SEO content is the written content on a page that, along with other factors helps the page to gain good positions in the search engine results. SEO content, to some people is about keyword density and the strategic placement of keywords. Here is how we write SEO content:

A webpage to us is a page of information on the subjects relating to the keywords we want ranked for. We write the page naturally, without concentrating on keywords. Then, when we look back find we have used the keywords naturally in the content. And natural use of keywords is the best kind. We then write the title tag to include all our keywords, and metas aimed at the user and the search engine: the description and keywords metas have all our keywords once.

The search engines want the most relevant results to be in the best positions, and we believe in making our pages the most relevant, by writing good content, and then building quality back-links on keyword anchors through writing guest articles for external sites with our links in the bio.

SEO Content: Why is it Important?
For a new website, text content written with SEO in mind is essential, as it is the only way the search engines will know what your site is about until you have the time to build sufficient back-links.

Hiring a web copywriter is the best way to ensure that your site is populated with quality SEO content, that both gains good search positions and also gives your visitors an enjoyable experience, while hopefully compelling them to buy.